Shutter Speed and Low Light

Wine GlassPhoto by : Jay Capilo

Believe it or not the photo above was taken by an amateur, that’s according to him, but if you take a look at it, it looks like it was shot for a wine commercial.

The reason I picked this photo is because it is a good example for Shutter speed and Low Light. What is shutter speed and how does it affect our photos? Shutter Speed represents the time that the shutter remains open when taking a photograph. Shutter speeds changes the way movement appears in our photos.

A long shutter speed or slow shutter speed like the one used in these photo is used to intentionally show or blur the movement of light around the wine glass, therefore it is safe to say that if you want to show motion in your photograph use a slow shutter speed. Now if you want to Freeze the action let’s say in an sporting event, you have to use a faster shutter speed.

Now let’s talk about light, light plays an important role in this photo, as you can see, it was taken indoor with limited available light, in using a slow shutter speed and a wide open aperture about F/3.5 if you have a kit lens, you are allowing more light to reach the sensor to capture the scene.

Taken using a Canon EOS Rebel T2i 18 MP CMOS APS-C Digital SLR Camera with 3.0-Inch LCD (Body Only) with an Aperture of F/3.5, Shutter of 1/20, ISO 200.

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16 thoughts on “Shutter Speed and Low Light

  1. Flickr: gerreeeeee

    Amazing! For someone new to photography, you’ve got a lot of talents! More than most of the old timers do! This is definitely not the work of a greenhorn! Keep it up bro!

  2. What The

    This does not look like a photo by a pro and would make a horrible wine ad. The color is bad, the light painting is sloppy and everyone is doing light painting today anyway.