Ferris Wheel by Funderstorms

ferris wheel by Funderstorms
This is one of my favorite Flickr Photos, great composition, a perfect shut capturing all the colors. Simply stunning. Well done FunderStorms!!!

Some Technical Info:
Photographer : FunderStorms
Camera : Canon EOS Rebel T1i
Exposure : 8sec at f9

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133 thoughts on “Ferris Wheel by Funderstorms

  1. Flickr: Wagboy

    Amazing spyrograph-type effect! You took this at just the right time of day/night too. The transition from dusk to darkness is great. Gotta find me a fair!

  2. Flickr: itsAngelo

    Fantastic "textbook" shot…
    I live a few blocks from a crazy one, and i’ve never shot it…
    I have wanted too, but have not wanted to drag my tri out at the beach?
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Flickr: { tcb }

    thanks, watched the video just now, i have the T1i and have also tested the video, but not like this. yours was a very quality video and the bokeh with that lens was incredible. And this shot is the best you can shoot one up close. ace.