KIDS…Don’t Try This At Home.

KIDS…Don’t Try This At Home. Originally uploaded by ~ Aaron Reed ~

I didn’t take this shot, I came across this awesome photo while browsing photos in flickr. My first reaction when I saw this, was “holy s(:-})”.

A good 2 minutes underwater and it is squeaky clean and good as new. KIDS…DON’T try this at home. I left this one extra large so you could really check it out. And before you ask, I will tell you now that this image is 100% unedited, with the exception of sharpening, straight out of the camera.

This is a photo by one of the greatest landscape photographer I know, Aaron Reed.

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You can see more of Aaron Reed’s work at his website at

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89 thoughts on “KIDS…Don’t Try This At Home.

  1. Flickr: MikeJonesPhoto

    Nice! This just might be the best photo you’ve ever posted. Good luck man. Hope the lens doesn’t get moisture on the inside lens elements. I’ve had that happen and it’s a bitch to dry it out.

  2. Flickr: Ivan Sohrakoff

    Oh crap! That is not good. I’m interested to hear if this ends up with a smiley face or not. I’m particularly interested because I have that same lens. It doesn’t even look like you have a UV filter on the front of it… now I’m worried. I took mine off to avoid vignetting with my ND grad filter holder. Eeeeek!

  3. Flickr: Greg-0

    OOOOOOOMMMMMMMMGGGGGG!!!!!!!! I saw this thumbnail and was afraid to click on it. I really don’t feel safe when I see things like this.

    Take me to the kittens!!!!! 🙂

  4. Flickr: erika eve

    Holy COW!!!! That is incredible! I want more details. Did you rub it with a rag? Did you like totally hose the thing? Does Nikon make similar claims? How did you dry it. Have you tested out since? Will it rust? I had no idea you do such a thing!!!!!!

  5. Flickr: erika eve

    You know Camera Solutions here in Portland would have charged around $85 and turned it around in 24 hours…..just saying….Portland may be a bit more camera friendly…….

  6. Flickr: Ratnajit

    Well there you go Aaron. I am really happy you did this experiment on your own and saved a good $300 for another lens. Well yes you are absolutely right. Canon makes great cameras and lenses but they charge an astronomical amount of money for service. I had a very common problem with my new 40D. I had to press the shutter button harder than usual sometimes while shooting. They say the problem was with some shutter buttton contact point. Believe you will astonished to hear that the part actually costs Rs. 123/- INR = 2.5$ (US) and the service charge is Rs. 2500/- INR= 55$. Now what else you can say.

    Anyway this is a very nice picture and I like the artistic sense out of it.

    Good work and thanks for sharing. I mark this as a favourite especially for the content.

  7. Flickr: McCoy352

    Sorry to hear about your fall Aaron……that really bites the dust, er…mud.
    This is the most terrifying image that I can imagine, next to paying Cameraworks their extortion fee of $300.00.

  8. Flickr: one8052949

    Aaron, Try dry rice. Put the lens in a bag of dry rice and let it sit for two days. That should pull all of the moisture out of the lens. I have not tried it on a lens but it works with cell phones. If that does not work, send it to Canon I’d bet it’s less then 300 bucks.

  9. Flickr: Yankeemiss

    OMG. Ron and Mollie both got sand in their lenses at Cape Kiwanda and got them cleaned at Advanced Camera in SW Portland for less than $300. I think I’d kill Ron if he stuck his 24-105 under the water. I don’t think I should show him this photo. You are a brave man.

  10. Flickr: ~ Aaron Reed ~

    Yes!!! I was wondering how long it was going to take someone to figure it out, although I am assuming the two of you have already seen these. My wife was demanding that I tell people the truth about 10 comments in on this because she was afraid someone was going to try it with their lens! LOL! It just goes to show……

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    LOL. It is a COFFEE CUP People!!!! And just for the record, if you tried this at home last night it is NOT my fault! LOL.

  11. Flickr: ChrisK4u

    first I thought – aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa please nooooo

    then I read the text 😉

    And then I see the second message


  12. Flickr: Blue Hour

    hhaaha…you totally had me fooled until I saw the comments. Plus… you know Canon would have charged you 5 times that amount ; )

    Hey, where did you get that cup? It’s like the most perfect gift for almost everyone I know!

  13. Flickr: PHOTO[♥]JUNKY

    Amazing SOOC shot, yes it is very expensive to get lenses fixed.. depending on which ones… it might be a better idea to buy a new one.. or used on line. Also.. I know it was muddy.. but if were a little diff situation.. CAN OF AIR.. works awesome!!

  14. Flickr: danishpm

    Yeah, I’ll admit it, lol – I had seen these on ebay before. You big meany, scaring the crap out of all these people, LOL.

    Hey, I wonder if Canon could use the picture in their next ad campaign? Shows how well the L-lenses are built. lol

    >>>[] Yes!!! I was wondering how long it was going to take someone to figure it out, >>>although I am assuming the two of you have already seen these.

  15. Flickr: Nick Grier

    That’s the best way to clean them! No contact with the glass, just a good flushing! I spilled a coke on my 1d a while back, about pooped my pants, but ended up just washing it in the sink. Still good as new!
    I don’t worry to much about getting it wet anymore.