Waalbrug (snelbinder) By Tim Freh

Waalbrug (snelbinder)Waalbrug (snelbinder)” By Tim Freh

I am always inspired by dark settings and night photography. My father was the who taught me how to use a DSLR at night during my younger years . I tried to make some originial nightshots, but just to be original is hard. People make shots like these objects every day. Therefore I wanted to create a new effect. I bought a fisheye (sigma 15mm), wich had a really nice fisheye-effect. And the colours of the night are really good photographed with this kind of lenses. I couldn’t reach the same effect with an classic lens. So I kept using this fisheye even more, also in situations like the Waalbrug.

I study in Nijmegen were the Snelbinder is situated. During a really sad day I asked my girlfriend if she would join me on a photo session. Normally she stays home, but this time she said yes and since it was raining I asked her to take the umbrella with us too. We went to the bridge, luckily there was no one around. I made a quick composition, but the pictures didn’t worked out. I wanted to leave but then I made this last picture. Because I forgot my led-light, I used my girlfriends mobile phone. Her Mobile phone has an application wich sends a torch-light. The light isn’t that strong, but it was good enough to create this effect.

I asked my girlfriend to stay still 30 second, with the umbrella. During those 30 seconds I created the circles with her phone. It worked out well en we went directly home.

That’s the whole story. If you look on my blog www.timfreh.wordpress.com you see that my photographing style is always a bit ”dark”. I use lightroom, but I hate my time behind the computer. I love  photography much better.

In the future I hope to give an expo about my photowork. I did not see my pictures on paper yet, only digital. I think that is a bad thing, because more people should be able to see my pictures. Also older people who don’t have a computer. I had some successes, but I’m glad so many people see my image right now. It makes me very proud.

I photograph with an 5D canon camera. I always use a not expensive Velbon Tripod. Very simple, but it works. I don’t have the money for expensive stuff. Although I am working for it.

You can see Waalbrug (snelbinder), and more of Trim Freh photostream on Flickr. You can also visit his own personal website where he continues to publish most of his work.

Tim’s Gear:

  • Canon EOS 5D
  • Sigma 15mm Fisheye Lens
  • Velbon Tripod

Software :

  • Lightroom
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231 thoughts on “Waalbrug (snelbinder) By Tim Freh

  1. Flickr: CAMRABAG2423

    I agee with all the above…You have a talent for not only taking the image, your composition and flare shout out, to us poor people who wish we could have thought of this orginal Idea………..wonderful capture.

  2. Flickr: Nathaniel Photo

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  3. Flickr: Torstein aka TR

    Very nicely done. Good job!

    This photo is a good sample in the flickr. You are invited to join "flickr Award" group

    flickr Award (post1 – award 5)
    Please consider posting this photo into this group and join the community, thanks!!

  4. Flickr: Tim Freh

    It’s all very simple. I will try to explain it in English, I did it also in dutch. My English sucks, so I hope you can understand it a bit. Maybe someone who can understand dutch language and also is English can try to translate it for me?

    1. Wear dark clothes during the work. You need to light the photo 30′ seconds or longer. Make sure you don’t wear anything white. The reflection of the light will also react new white spots/blur in the picture. And you don’t want that.

    2. To make the circles ‘really good’, you need to wear nice fitted clothes. If you wear a jacket/clothes that are too fit you will make no good circles. Your’ arm needs too swing and needs space.

    3. Start with a Led-Light behind the camera before you take the image. The light has to be on before you begin. Make sure the led is not to powerfull. Here I used a single bycicle light. Costs are 1,90 Euro. Not expensive.

    4. Don’t use heavy tools/flashlights. You can’t swing with them beceause they are a way too heavy. A little spotlight is always better.

    Now I will explain how to start making the picture itsself:

    1. Use always a tripod (duh)
    2. Settle the camera upon the tripod. Make sure you have a good composition. With a fisheye like this it is always a bit harder to have a really nice composition.
    3. Make a few testshots. The image has to be fine before you begin with the experimenting with light. If you think the composition is ok, you can start light painting. Make sure there are no other bad spotlights in the neighberhood. If they are to annoying they can ruin the picture,
    4. Composition ok? Then start! Put the little led light in youre hand and put the light behind the camera. Then just swing in a circle. Make circles and walk backwards, in the begin very slowly, then a little bit faster in the end. You ‘only’ got 30 seconds if you don’t work with Bulb! If you work with bulb you have more time, well, some mutch time if you think you need.
    5. It doesn’t work always the first time. You need to experimentate more. I always ‘need’ 10 images before the first light pictures are ok. After 20 images you don’t reach a good result anymore. You need to rest because your arm needs it.

    * Oh, I forgot one thing. It’s always nice if someboody helps you. But, I mostly do this sort of pictures myself. Use the timer (10 seconds) to start the image. In these 10 seconds you walk in front of the camera and hold the light behind the camera. Then you start making the circles and while you are walking backwards you keep making those circles. It needs excercise, so it won’t work dirictly.

    1. Zorg dat je donkere kleren draagt tijdens het maken van de opname. Witte kleding reflecteert het licht in de camera, waardoor je lichtvlekken in de foto (van jezelf) terug kunt zien.

    2. Draag kleding die makkelijk zit en niet knelt. Bijvoorbeeld een t-shirt. Hierdoor kun je je armen makkelijker laten zwaaien. Jassen verhinderen dat effect snel, heb ik vandaag ook weer gemerkt.

    3. Vertrek met het lichtje links achter de camera. Maak dan een zwaai achter de camera om vervolgens heel langzaam naar achteren te lopen. Het lopen en het zwaaien moeten elkaar tegelijkertijd afwisselen.

    4. Oh, en tenslotte nog het licht zelf. Dikke, zware zaklampen zien er stoer uit, maar een klein sterk led-lampje dat lekker in de hand ligt werkt beter. De puurheid van licht komt dan ook beter over in de foto.


    1. Begin met het maken van een goede compositie. Vergeet niet dat fisheyelenzen meer tijd behoeven om een goede compositie op te stellen. Het kan altijd een tijdje duren voordat je een goede compositie hebt.
    2. Hou een klein Led-lichtje dat wel genoeg licht heeft achter de camera. Klik dan (met behulp van de10′ seconden timer) om de afbeelding te maken. Loop voor de camera (met je lichtje aan, zodat je die niet meer aan hoeft te doen) en houd het lichtje achter de camera. Wanneer de camera ‘klikt’ start je achter de camera je cirkeltjes. Je loopt naar achteren en blijft maar cirkeltjes maken. Ze moeten wel groot genoeg zijn. Hoe groot, dat ligt echt aan de lens. (Een fisheye reageert anders dan een 50mm). Oefening baart kunst.
    3. Bij de fisheye is het zo dat je in het begin, terwijl je naar achteren loopt, rustig maar toch veel cirkeltjes moet maken. Naderhand kun je sneller lopen en minder cirkeltjes maken.
    4. Oefening baart altijd kunst. Je moet gewoon oefenen, anders lukt het nooit om goede cirkels te maken. In het begin lijkt het nergens op. Gewoon doorgaan. En houd altijd de compositie in het oog.
    5. Als je met Bulb werkt heb je meer tijd, zoveel tijd als jezelf nodig acht. Als je alleen bent en zelf alles moet regelen heb je dertig seconden belichtingstijd. Meer niet.

    Ik hoop dat je er iets aan hebt 🙂

  5. Flickr: ellarearranged

    not to ruin the magic of this cool photo, but could you elaborate for me a little — was flash used to stop the action of the person? if not, how are you so sharp if you were walking? thanks for the info. really great photo!!

  6. Flickr: Tim Freh

    Oh, yes, and I did use a model here. I am walking with the Led-Light and I am making the circles. A friend is standing at the background with an umbrella :). If I would use a flash here the person would disappear I think. It is a way too light on the bridge because of those lights.

  7. Flickr: huberphotography

    I see light painting photographs all the time, but this one stuck out at from the rest. It’s unique. It’s not just the light painting that amazes me, but I also love the person in the frame gazing at the cityscape in the background. I chose this image as a Photo of the Day on my blog memorycast.blogspot.com