Favorite Shots from the March 4, 2013 Varsity Softball Game

Canon EOS 7D - Canon EF 70-200mm F/2.8 USM, F/2.8, ISO 3200,1/400 at 175mm. Team equipment all lined up and ready for inspection by the Umpires

Here are some of my favorite shots from the March 4, 2013 Varsity Softball Game. Congratulations to Duncan U Fletcher, they defeated the home team (Lady Raiders) in the 6th inning with a score of 11-0. I was not happy with how I shot. Maybe it's one of those times were I feel a little tired and exhausted after a long day at work and then having to shoot a ball game afterwards. But I did get a few that I liked, see below. The game was ok overall, just the usual actions you see on most softball/baseball games. I did try to make some panning shots which was I guess ok for a beginner, but nothing to brag about, also took some photos of the baseball equipments and the dirt just so I have something to do. I'm hoping I'll have some better ones next game.

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