It Was Better than Last Time – My Favorite shots from my recent baseball game

Sunset at the Field. Canon EOS 60D - Canon EF-S 10-22mm F/3.5-4.5 USM, F/8, ISO 100, 19mm. I had to stop for a moment to capture this sunset. When I saw the Sun is setting, I grab my bag to get my 10-22mm Ultawide and switch lens.

Here are my favorite photos from the March 6, 2013 Baseball game between the Forrest Rebels and the Pedro Menendez Falcons. The visiting Falcons dominated the game ending it in the 7th inning with a 7-2 win over the Rebels. After seeing the images I took that night, I was quite happy. I captured some images that I really like, but there were still some that I can't be proud off, seriously!!! I need more practice, I need to shoot more and improved on a lot of things. Like the usual, I shot mostly with the Canon 7D paired with the Ef 70-200mm 2.8 and my EF 400mm F/5.6 on the 60D for some tight close-up of the players. I also made a couple of tonemapped pictures with my Ultra-Wide angle lens during the sunset hours.

Something Weird Happened on my 60D…

During the 5th inning I checked the battery levels on both my bodies. My Canon 7D is still full and my Canon 60D is 1 bar less, so I'm still good, still plenty of juice left on both bodies, I said to myself. But then halfway on the 6th inning my 60d with the 400mm won't fire, when I check, the battery indicator was blinking, what?? my battery is drained?? Good thing I still have 4 backup batteries on my pockets two canon lp-e6, two third party replacement batteries, but to my surprised none of them worked. When I insert them in my 60d all I got was the blinking battery indicator or nothing at all, just a dead camera. I know that batteries drains a lot faster in cold weather (it was like 45 degrees cold that night), so I didn't bother to play around and switch batteries between my 7D, anyway, only one more inning and I'm done for the night. I packed my 60d and 400mm back in the bag.

When I got home, I downloaded all the photos from my cards and called it a night. I was too tired to check my camera. The next morning I was going out to shoot some macro, but the 60d still won't respond. I took out everything, the batteries and cards, and the battery grip. I'll leave it for a minimum of 30mins and just check back on it later or tomorrow. Don't worry I'll keep you posted.


Favorite Photos from the game:

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