Some Shots from the Ed White / Forest High School Football Match I shot yesterday. (Awesome!!!)


Not an action shot, but this is like my favorite photo of the game, Fans having fun, which is what High School Football is all about, "Having Fun!!!" Shot with the Canon EOS 40D with my Tamron 28-75mm F/2.8 and Canon 430EX II Speedlite, 28mm, ISO 1600, 1/320, F/3.5, Flash Fired

This is it, my first sports shoot. I got there 15 minutes before the kick off which is a good thing. First thing I did was to look for the Athlethic Director(AD) to introduce myself and after the introductions, I went to the sidelines to prepare my gear. I choose to use the 60D as my main body with the 70-200mm F/4, and the 40d as my second with the the 400mm and or tamron 28-75mm.

Frankly I was overwhelm, not only that it was my first time to shoot football, it was my first time to shoot any sports. I have a lot on my mind, like should I just shoot in shutter priority or manual, auto iso or fixed. I experimented quite a bit during the first few minutes of the game, I even tried shooting with the ef 400mm F/5.6L, but ditch it in the bag and just decided to stick with the 28-75mm 2.8 and the 70-200mm f/4. I mostly shoot in Aperture priority on all the events that I covered, but this is a different neighborhood for me, before I'm just concerned with light and with what's in focus or what's not, now I have to consider light, speed and depth of field. 

To make everything easier for myself, being a first timer, I shot in manual, on the 60d I set my iso to auto iso with a ceiling of 3200, on the 40d I started with ISO 1600. During the first half I was able to shoot at 1/640 at F/4 on the 60d and as the sun goes down, I gradually went to shooting at 1/400 to 1/320 depending on the position of the players. The bad thing about this is that, lights are not even, there were parts of the field that are dimly lit and some are parts are bright. 

I wasn't too happy with most of my shots, but it's ok, it's a learning process for me and it was a fun night shooting sports. I'm looking forward to my next game.

Here are my favorite shots from last nights game.

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What I've learned tonight:

  • Auto ISO is a blessing on the 60D, it was my first time to shoot auto ISO all the way, and I learned to appreciate it. Being able to shoot without fambling to the contols is just great.
  • An F/4L lens is useable for night time sports, but an F/2.8 is really a must. Thanks to new cameras sporting high iso.
  • Do not ever shoot with at 1/250th, at 1/320th maybe, but as much as possible 1/400th to stop the action
  • You don't need an expensive gear to shoot football. But it would be nice to shoot with a body with a high frame rate like the 7d. My 40d having a 6fps is such a joy to use compare to the eos 60d, it has a larger buffer and faster frame rate.
  • Having fun doing the job is a must.
  • A Flash cannot replace a fast lens. Using a flash on action shots, resulted to red eye on some of the players.

Gear list:

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