Taking Street Portraits of Random People


One problem that a lot of people have is the ability to speak up and ask for permission if they can take a photograph of a stranger, mainly because it’s awkward and a little bit uncommon. Here’s how I do it?

When you get to a place, just relax, get your gear ready, start shooting some random subjects just to get the hang of it. Let the people around you know that you are doing photography, blend in, smile and be friendly and most of all don’t shoot and hide. Most of the time, I try to chat with the people around, have a conversation if I can, and later, I’ll try to ask if it would be alright if I can take a picture of them, and most of the time it works.


In a busy, crowded environment like the photo above, what I do is I raised my camera, point to it to signal that I want to take his photograph, and as you can see, he even showed me the bottled water he’s selling in the streets.

I Get this A Lot.

Lastly, if someone objects to having their picture taken, respect them and just comply, say “ok, thanks anyway”, smile and walk away. The guy in the photo above is Jared he want’s his photo taken but, kinda shy, he doesn’t want to reveal his face.(;-))

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13 thoughts on “Taking Street Portraits of Random People

  1. Flickr: JayCaps

    Peopleyan ba yung nagbebenta ng tubig sa mga bus? akala mo kunduktor tapos tatanungin ka kung ilan, sasagutin mo naman…"dalawa", tapos yun bibigyan ka ng tubig tapos sasabihin, "limang piso"…haha