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DIY BlackRapid Style Camera Shoulder Strap

To the left is my black rapid rs-1 shoulder strap i use in my eos 20d and to the right is a regular bag strap that I converted into a black rapid that I use in my smaller rebel body.

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DIY – Demb Diffuser or Homemade Demb Diffuser Using Kitchen Items

Recently I came across the Demb flash diffuser while reading a review of the best flash diffuser over at photo-tips-online.com. After seeing the Demb diffuser at the top of the list, I went to Amazon to see how much it costs and, to my surprise, found that Amazon, Adorama and B&H don’t sell it. The […]

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DIY Pop-Up Flash Cup Diffuser – Homemade

Lately I’ve been using the built-in pop-up flash in my camera, primarily as a fill in flash, now I need a diffuser, but I can’t convince myself to buy those $20 pop-up flash diffuser available in the market, so I went to the kitchen to try to find if there’s something there that I can […]

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