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Remove Sensor Dust Using LR3’s Spot Removal Feature

Today’s post is all about removing spots on our photos cause by the annoying dust that sticks into our camera’s sensor. Thank’s to Adobe Lightroom for having the Spot Removal feature, now cleaning marks and spots is as easy as eating a pie, maybe easier. We will use Lightroom’s Sport Removal tool. This tool work […]

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Why We Shouldn’t Worry About Sensor Dust

I know it’s annoying, it’s somewhat irritating, and it makes me uneasy just by seeing that tiny little spec when I look at my viewfinder. Dust is a common problem not just for dslrs, but also for other electronic devices. This gadgets including our DSLR’s are like magnets that attract dust and dust are every […]

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Should I Be Worried with Dust On My Lens?

Some of you have probably seen the photo above. Yeah, it was my photo of the day for Jan. 28, 2010. Notice anything? Probably not. Take a look below. Our photo above was shot using my Canon EF 50mm F/1.8 II mounted on a Rebel XS, ¬†with a pencil tied up in front of the […]

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