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Photos of Total Lunar Eclipse – Dec. 21, 2010

It was an amazing Tuesday morning experience witnessing the total eclipse of the moon- Dec. 21, 2010. Armed with a mug of hot chocolate, and my camera gear, I spent the next two hours in the cold(between 18-20deg) staring and taking photos of the this spectacular event. It is also today, that the winter solstice […]

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Expression over perfection

Expression over perfection, originally uploaded by sweetspot@f8. I used to worry about stuff like getting the right aperture, getting the right shutter speed, what ISO for this and what mode should I use, in other words, I worry too much about getting the perfect photograph, and sometimes, it can be overwhelming. Then I realized that […]

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Canon Lens Mugs. Wow. I want one!!!

Have you guys seen this? Canon Lens Mug??? From CanonMugs dot Com. The thing is I’m not so sure if this site is for real or a scam, there are no contact info whatsoever on the sellers site. The seems suspicios and there are no news about this Canon Lens Mugs on the canon usa […]

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