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Cold Weather Conditions Photography Tips

Photographing in cold weather conditions  are both challenging  and fun. Challenging in a way because it presents danger not just to us, photographers, but also to our equipments. It’s fun because, only in this time of year can we get beautiful images of snow, frozen lakes, dried bare forest and a lot more. Since we […]

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Protection from Rain – Rainsleeve from OPTech USA

Optech Rainsleeve, originally uploaded by sweetspot@f8. Remember my post, Glad I have Glad? Most of you know that I always carry around a couple of Glad freezer bags on my camera bag, this might come in handy in cases like rain or dust. Feezer bags are the cheapest protection you can find for your gear […]

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DIY DSLR Camera & Lens Rain Cover / Coat

I’m Glad I have Glad in the kitchen. During rainy season or any season, it’s always a good idea to have a ziplock or glad freezer bags in your camera bag. You can use it to cover your camera and lens from rain, just cut a hole on the other end, and you now have […]

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