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Daily Photo – Black Grasshopper

Shot this the other day during my daily walk to the bushes. This is a Lubber Grasshopper, these grasshoppers are eye catching because of their large size and dark colors. ¬†They are unable to fly and as I have notice,sluggish and doesn’t jump away unless they are threaten.

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Smile, Your On The Spot – Testing the Sunpak RD2000C Camera Flash

Photo above was shot with the Canon EOS 60D, the Tamron SP 180mm F/3.5 Macro lens, tiny Sunpak Flash and the Demb flash diffuser pro, shot at 1/250, F/7.1, ISO 100. I don't have any schedule for my next football match, so I'm doing some macro and hunting for bugs. It's a great day today, […]

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Shoot Wildlife in Your Own Backyard

  Download Hi-Res | Buy Print   We don't need to travel far to take photographs of wildlife. You can find many beautiful creatures to photograph in your sorroundings. Take for example  this Grasshopper, I shot it yesterday morning on our backyard while I was having coffee. So next time you go into your backyard […]

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