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Lens Hood? Do We Need It?

Lens hoods were created primarily to block unwanted light in order to prevent glare and lens flare. But nowadays, lens hoods also serve as lens protector when attached in the shooting position. Most of us including me are sometimes hesitant to take along our lens hoods because it’s bulky and takes too much space in […]

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Lens Hood In a Lens Cap – A Really Clever Idea.

This is a really neat design. Just tell me when it’s available and I’ll get one in a heartbeat. The designer’s Rhie Hyi Joong and Lee Sang Hwa, created this lens cap that blooms into a lens hood simply by turning a ring.

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Lens Hoods : Third Party VS. Manufacturer Made Lens Hoods

I’ve encountered this question many times, Third party made lens hoods(including those sold on ebay) vs manufacturer made. In my strongest opinion it is ok to get a third party made lens hood, in fact they work as well as the original. All of my lens hoods are from third party chinese manufacturers and were […]

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