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A Different Color To Look At

This photo was shot with my Full Spectrum converted Olympus 12.3 E-PL1, the Olympus 14-42mm f/3.5-5.6 Ver. II R Lens and I also use the Tiffen 58mm 47 Filter (Blue) to get this amazing color. I also used the Photoshop plugin Topaz Detail to enhanced the detail of the photo. Topaz Detail is a product by Topaz Adjust that […]

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Morning In the Docks

I shot this yesterday(Sunday) morning. I was excited to go out, it was warm and the weather was perfect. Every Sunday, I make it a point to ride my bike, it’s that time of the week that I love most, just cruising along the side of the river until I get tired.

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A Cloudy Sunday Morning

It was a cloudy Sunday morning. I’ve been up since 6am, it’s now 6:45 and still cannot decide if I’m going to go out to ride my bike or to run. I finally decided to go for a bike ride, I went to this lake nearby, it’s nice there in the morning. Fresh air, quite, […]

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