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Render 1:1 Lightroom Preview

Photo 1. Render 1:1 Preview Before, I don’t pay much attention to the previews in lightroom, after importing my photos, I’m done and I will just deal with it later. But as my Lightroom Catalog grows, I noticed that when I click on a thumbnail, the preview takes time to load. I’ve learned that by […]

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Optimize Your Lightroom Catalog

Photo 1. Lightroom 3 Optimize Catalog. For the first time this year, I optimized my 2011 Lightroom Catalog. Do we really need to do this optimization? Yes, once in a while our lightroom catalog needs to be optimize. This catalog is our database which contains all the records of our photos. It contains dta such […]

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A Quick Tip On Workflow

Having a good and efficient workflow can greatly help speed up your work and spend more time shooting less time in front of the computer. This workflow is what I always use, since I started in Digital Photography and it works for me. ┬áHere it is: A day Before the shoot. Charge all batteries – […]

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