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DIY Macro Studio / Light Tent / Light Box for Less than $5.00

Yeap, only $5.00. That’s assuming you have all the materials needed, like the box, the garbage bag, poster boards etc. I was looking for some cheap chinese made light tents on ebay but they still cost around $30 a set, so I said to myself, why not make one, and here’s what I came up. […]

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Todays Macro Tip, Patience, You’ll Need a Lot of Them.

Yes, it’s true. If you are serious about macro insect photography there are times that you will need a lot of patience and a lot of practice with your gear. Because insects / bugs move quite a lot, you will have a hard time getting them in focus, unless your insect subject stay still until […]

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Use Flash in Your Macro Photography.

Taken handheld. Flash Off Camera slightly to my left. When I started doing macro I struggle a lot and didn’t really know what was missing , until I realized, “Light”, lots and lots of light. ¬†And after this, everything became easy, thanks to my handy Canon 430 EXII flash and my Demb Diffuser Pro. The […]

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