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Glad to be Back

You may have noticed that I have not written a post for sometime. That's because I was busy migrating my projects(sites)(including this one) back to a VPS server by MyHosting.Com. I have learned my lesson, I'm won't use a shared server anymore. Anyway, I'm just glad to be back, and very excited to post some […]

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Server Migration for Simplyness.Com and Lehtsen.Com is now complete.

The server migration for SimplyNess.Com and Lehtsen.Com seems to have been a success. I’m now using Developer VPS offered by MyHosting.Com and it seems to be better than my old VPS Provider and way cheaper. The migration with Lehtsen.Com went well and it was done in an hour including DNS propagation, I had a little […]

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SimplyNess.Com Photography Blog and Lehtsen.Com is moving to a New Host

SimplyNess.Com and Lehtsen.Com is moving to a New Host. Today I’m moving my servers to a new host, DNS Updates has already been started and this could take at least 24hours to replicate on all domain names servers. During this time the sites may be a little hard to access, hopefully it’ll be smooth transition […]

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