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OP/TECH Compact Sling, The Perfect Strap for My Mirrorless Cameras.

I’ve been using the OP/TECH USA Compact Sling for my Olympus Mirrorless Camera’s for more than two months now and all I can say is, “it is the perfect camera strap for most mirrorless system cameras.” The OP/TECH USA Compact Sling was made by OP/Tech USA, a company well known for their huge lineup of […]

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Protect Your Gear From Rain With The Op/Tech SLR Rainsleeve

Op/Tech 18″ SLR Rainsleeve Covering a Canon EOS 60D with a EF 70-200mm F/4L IS USM. It’s a good thing I always have the Op/Tech rainsleeve in my bag. It rain a little bit when I was in the forest last Sunday. It just feels good to know that I have it there just in […]

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Protection from Rain – Rainsleeve from OPTech USA

Optech Rainsleeve, originally uploaded by sweetspot@f8. Remember my post, Glad I have Glad? Most of you know that I always carry around a couple of Glad freezer bags on my camera bag, this might come in handy in cases like rain or dust. Feezer bags are the cheapest protection you can find for your gear […]

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