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Stolen Moments : Tuesdays Street Photography Tips

Always be ready. Be observant. For Tuesdays Street Photography Tips. Stolen Moments.  To capture stolen moments like this in frame

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Street Photography – Be Involve, Be a Part of the Story

Street photography is my passion, I love walking around crowded places looking for that right moment to freeze. As I always say, the streets is alive and there is always something happening which I am a part of. Through photography a second can last a lifetime. Photograph with a Canon Rebel XS and Tamron AF […]

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Friendship, Brotherhood, Priceless

Friendship, Brotherhood, Priceless Originally uploaded by sweetspot@f8 Lately, I have been going through my library of year old images. This is the first photo that caught my eye. This photo was taken at Arlington Memorial in Washington DC. To make this picture wasn’t at all easy. I wanted to show the hapiness between friends, although […]

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