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Simple Audio Equipment

Simple Audio Equipment Zoom H2 Handy Portable Stereo Recorder.The H2 is the only portable recorder with 4 mic capsules on-board for 360° recording. With 4 mic capsules in a W-X/Y configuration, the audio is decoded instantly, bringing these four signals together for unparalleled stereo imaging. But the H2 doesn’t stop there. For maximum flexibility, you […]

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CineSkates: Roller Skates Like Slider Wheels For Your Beloved DSLR Camera

Designed specifically to work with the gorillapod focus tripod, cineskates are wheels that allows you to create captivating cinematic footage by giving your video dslr fluid, stabilized movement. Developed in an MIT MediaLab class, CineSkates is a unique set of wheels that attach to a tripod and enable the user to put their video in […]

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My Canon EOS 60D HDSLR Starter Video Gear

Canon EOS 60D with a Tamron 28-75mm F/2.8 Lens, Audio Technica ATR-6550 and a Zoom H2 Stereo Recorder As you may have known, I just recently bought a Canon EOS 60D and because of it’s Video Feature I’m starting to learn the ins and outs of HDSLR Video Making. Here is a list of some […]

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