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Photojournalism, Fifth Edition: The Professionals’ Approach

“If you’re into photojournalism – or want to get a foot in the door, then this book may provide some inspiration. It is packed with pictures, both well-known and obscure, complete with explanations, hints and tips…Each page of the paperback raises questions for the reader.” –

“Not just for photojournalists, this book is packed with useful information for any photographer who wants to shoot meaningful, saleable people pictures.” – Photo Stock Notes

“If photojournalism if your passion, then you really should have a copy of this book on hand. …. This is a must have title if you wish to embark on a career in this exciting field. – Shutterbug

“Each picture in this lavishly illustrated volume comes with a helpful annotation on who took it and where, and goes on to describe how it was taken, almost as a private aside to the main text, like a friendly mentor who has your best interests at heart.” –

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